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Palmyra is a group of professional and experience efforts provide the decision makers with Develop solutions for their marketing needs.

Palmyra was founded at 2001 to establish a necessary joint venture between increasing needs of your business and our professional services.

Palmyra is not consultants; our team work with you as a regular in/out source of your sales/marketing program channels, and develop like you, a" root” for your business.


Whether your requirement is simply business card, brochure, internet development or a complete marketing strategy and marketing plans - ask Palmyra for cost effective sales solutions or marketing solutions.


E- Business is a fundamental part of a company's primary marketing and is an integral sales tool. Your E Business should be the most cost efficient and effective instrument you employ for marketing and selling.


Technical Newspaper :
Technical is an advertising, monthly, specialized newspaper issued in Damascus in Arabic, English and Turkish.. 50000 copies are distributed monthly in Syria, Arab countries and different parts of the world

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Through our wide experience, Palmyra launches it's services for foreign companies which interested to enter Syrian markets...

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Flash Projects…)
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Palmyra Middle East for Marketing Services: Damascus- Syria, AL-Telyani St. P.O.Box: 33892
Tel.: +963 11 3347665
, Fax: +963 11 3339599 , E-Mail: info@pmsme.com